A to Z with Tracy | ECommerce Marketing Emails Made Easy with Ahoy!
Ahoy email makes creating marketing emails a breeze with features such as automation, smart campaigns, a robust editor, and built-in reporting. Try today!
Marketing emails
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Trouble Making Marketing Emails? Try ahoy!

Trouble Making Marketing Emails? Try ahoy!

Beginning the first steps in making marketing emails that work for you and your business can be daunting. Lucky for you, products like ahoy! exist to make life easier, more creative, and are driven by real-world results. 

Automations & Segmentation

First Purchase, Any Purchase, Never Purchased, Abandoned Cart, Welcome – seem like the types of clients that you have for your ecommerce website?  Well, segmentation of your leads can make sending the most appropriate emails (and other marketing) to just the right audience a breeze. 

Ahoy! even goes further than just allowing for you to create your own segments, but has the ability to generate a Recommended Series based on your store and clients to make automation so easy. 

Allowing this customized experience for your clients can make the true difference in being the store that they bring their business to, as well as their referrals and repeat purchases. 

Get Creative

The design features within ahoy! are so robust you’ll wonder why you ever used anything else! You will have the ability to use Smart Templates that automatically lay out design and information in an easy to communicate method (with modifications possible!). Not a fan of using pre-made templates? You can make your own very easily! Not to mention, one of the best features, the ability to quickly import products from your Shopify store directly into your email templates! This will definitely lead to quick conversions and return on investment in your marketing efforts!  

Track Results

Now that we’re diving into ROI, let’s explore the amazing tracking systems within ahoy! email. Stay up-to-date when it comes to subscribers opening and clicking, what got their attention, and when they were most engaged. Want to drive really deep into the data? You can! Want the overview and just the basics? You can have that too in the most easily-digestible way! Our reporting options have our clients in mind and we want to make sure you have the access that you need in order to better your email marketing. 

Smart Campaigns

Send a campaign in 5 minutes. Yes, you can make that happen! Ahoy! has built in recommended segments, products, and send times to optimize your marketing based on your intended audience or goal. With your templates ready to go and all the recommendations you could possibly ask for, you’re in quick control of your campaigns. 

Live Support

We’ve got the human touch! Our support comes directly from the team here at Ahoy! We strive to support our users and to give them the help that they need. Whether you need us to design or implement your campaigns for you, we can manage it all. Just have a quick question? Connect with a dedicated team for FREE

The Solution is Clear

There’s no arguing that creating a marketing email strategy can be complicated, but ahoy email takes the guesswork and stressers out of the process. Your business will see results and your clients will be so happy that you will be working with Ahoy! Start your FREE Trial today!


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ECommerce Marketing Emails Made Easy with Ahoy! 

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Ahoy email makes creating marketing emails a breeze with features such as automation, smart campaigns, a robust editor, and built-in reporting. Try today!


Marketing emails


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