A to Z with Tracy | About Tracy Zettinig
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About Tracy Zettinig

Born and raised in the panhandle of Florida, I have never settled for the mediocre. I have recently relocated to Atlanta after spending 10 years in sunny Orlando, FL. While in there, I completed my BA in Digital Media, finding my natural talent in Project Management and organization.

Since leaving University, I have gained modeling and video manipulation experience within UCF’s Active Lab while also continuing my work in retail with Best Buy, of which I was employed for 8 years. In April 2013 I started a new journey with an amazing design firm named BrandCo, where I have excelled in technical support, digital marketing, and project/product management.

Orlando offered a lot of options when it comes to staying active within the community. I have and always will be a creative individual at heart, constantly feeling the need to create something, if even just for myself. This is what got me into creating costumes and becoming a “cosplayer” for charity. I manage and support the largest costume character for charity organization in Central Florida along side my five other council members. You can find out more about this organization, what we do, and my part in it by visiting the page about Philanthropy. My husband and I plan to bring a chapter of our organization to the Atlanta area, expanding the number of people we can help.

As for my personal life: My husband and I met in Orlando and he is a graduate of FullSail University with a degree in Computer Animation, Visual Effects. We have two pets, Maya and Shadow. In February 2017 we welcomed our first child into the family and soon after in June 2018, we tied the knot. It has been an amazing 6+ years together and we are learning and growing from each other so much.

With our move to Atlanta, I am set on focusing on building a professional career in as a Project Manager or Customer Success Manager, where I can help a company grow and improve client success.

I’m what is missing in your team! Let’s talk!